Carlos Sánchez


The great captain of this ship. Madridista pro and fun as few bosses. HE is the real Boss

Laura de la Fuente


The world of technology is her passion. Crack par excellence, she manages to do so many things that it seems that her days have 48 hours... and always with a smile!

Tamara López


Few databases record what a good computer scientist she is. Behind her style and glamor, there is an authentic expert in technology... and sports

Isabel Calle

Financial Director

Tireless day to day and in company events. Do you know what would we do without her? Well, take an account

Victoria Cases

Accounts Director

Expert in connecting clients with hyper-motivated teams. Friend and confidant of all, she is an exemplary worker with the body of a model.

Diego Flores

Creative -Art Director

Independent cinema and good music lover. His creativity blossoms at the same speed of his beard. Fast & Hillarious

Javier Martín

Production Director

The student that Steven Spielberg would have liked to have. Capable of filming any spot no matter how difficult it may be and directing his wanderful life at the same time.

Fernando Moraleda


Without him there is no camera, no action. He knows how to capture the best sea poses between wave and wave.

Laura Camino


Pioneer and tireless activist, who manages to transform the reality of our videos.

Áreli Fernández


The football fan that manages to give life to any video. It is difficult for an enthusdiast and worker to LEAGUE her.

Inés Martinez


Natural of Albacete and the digital world. Her incredible Master in Bioinformatics is way less than her.

Pedro Bataller

Editing supervisor

Almodóvar, Parker, Duke. Many Pedros in history and in Snippet we have the best edition of all... and the best sound

David García


The blondest and restless of our creatives. His design and details in each illustration is well worth starting a new era

Alberto Chaves


A true hero, who gets up every day at 9 to go to the office. And every night he leaves his post-production work to fight organized crime.

Miguel Villares


Genious and ingenuity in equal parts. In charge of writing about Snippet and its big clients.

Esmeralda Fernández


A precious stone that shines in production and makes us happy every single morning with her greatings. Hollywood is waiting for her